HSV Tint

To support a large set of different plants in different seasons and ages for a VR-Visualization on mobile devices you have to reduce the number of textures. This was a prototype to test and define color-shifts on textures without loosing the color variation within the texture

Plant Shader and Scatter

Prototype to get an idea of a Tree Visual with dynamic textures for leaf density and flower distribution and additionally a scatter to distribute plant on a given surface with a predefined statistical outcome

Plant Vis-Styles on Foto AR

A first early implementation of a VR/AR-Web App using WebGL native and jQuery-Mobile. It was used to test the quality of the visual integration of virtual tree billboards into real world photos. The growth and the season of the trees can be varied. You get a Visualization in AR and in VR on an heightmodel

Solid Wireframes

Implementation of different Wireframe visualization Algorithms. See Detailinformation from my Presentation during my (successfull) hearing at the FH-Salzburg in 2015


Prototype for a Webbases communication Plattform using CAD files